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Courses in Oil, Gas, and Energy

International Oil and Gas Management
Instructor: Christopher Robert Lloyd has an MBA from Warwick Business School (UK), and is a Chartered Petroleum Engineer, Chartered Naval Architect, and Chartered Marine Engineer
The aim of this course is to provide an overview of how oil and gas is produced and consumed across the world. The course will cover  individual parts of the industry and how the industry has evolved to become an essential part of economic development and stability in a producing country. Key content will include oil and gas terminology, the scientific origins of oil and gas, the commercial issue underpinning hydrocarbon exploration and development, the role of government and its agencies, an overview of the technical process of exploration, drilling and production, transportation and refining of oil and gas, and the logistics of distribution and storage.
Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and their Role in the Development of Oil and Gas fields
Instructor: Dr Charlotte Grezo has wide experience of working globally across developed and developing markets including Europe, China, US, Asia, and Africa
Environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs) are and essential part of the planning process for any major project. They are a key element of the regulatory process and are pivotal in many cases to attracting finance, making this course particularly of interest to those involved in attracting investment to Uganda.
This course will allow companies and individuals to understand the environmental and social risks associated with a major natural resource capital project and how these can be mitigated, understanding the environmental and social risks associated with projects, why ESIAs matter, real examples of analogous projects in the Uganda Lake Albert development, and key international standards.
Security for New Oil and Gas Developments
Instructor: Nigel Carpenter is former security executive with BP and a former member of UK Special Forces
This course includes the principles of oil and gas security with examples, how to resource and organise security forces and the role and obligations of national security forces to the industry, international security standards, cyber security, protecting human rights, and intellectual and commercial property protection. This course will touch on international anti-corruption laws and will explain the stance of international contractors when placing contracts with local suppliers.

For companies or institutions we can arrange bespoke course(s) to suit a client's needs and timings.
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