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Our Approach

The VUU Academy for Corporate Learning is the host body for all VUU's short courses and training programmes.

VUU supporting Uganda’s competitiveness strategy through world-class training

Uganda Vision 2040 aspires to “A transformed Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous country within 30 years”. The strategic target of the vision is to transform Uganda from a low-income country to a competitive upper middle-income country with per capita income of about USD 9,500. Clearly, human capital is the determinant factor in this transformation. Achieving such an ambitious plan calls for a major shift in the country’s development paradigm followed by an extreme makeover in the mindsets, skill-sets and knowledge-sets of the country’s professionals, who drive the various sectors of the economy. Becoming a globally competitive economy requires a deliberate strategy of continuous improvement in everything Ugandans do. This in turn calls for a culture of life-long learning and life-wide learning across sectors. The Virtual University of Uganda (VUU) is deeply inspired by this vision and has set out to make a specific strategic contribution towards its realization. In addition to its formal academic programmes, VUU has established the VUU Academies - an industry outreach initiative - to provide world-class short courses focused on enhancing Uganda’s competitiveness through continuous improvement of the workforce. Innovative courses have been designed to fit specific needs of the private sector, public sector, civil society as well as personal needs. 
Great Facilitators, Innovative Methods

What makes us unique is the invincible mix of world-class trainers and innovative methods – making our short courses a truly transformative and exciting learning experience. Our team of facilitators presents a rich blend of local and international professionals with a collective experience of more than 100 years in the field of education and training in various parts of the world. They are not just theoreticians; they are practitioners who bring with them practical insights from their rich personal experiences in championing institutional start-ups and organizational development. We have built a unique capability in facilitating experiential corporate learning events that give our clients a wow experience all the time. 

We employ unique learning methods that are in themselves an embodiment of creativity. The whole training process is carefully worked out in great detail with the learning needs of corporate executives in mind. The facilitators set out to give clients not just training, but a life-changing learning experience. From the content and packaging of course materials to the organization of learning sessions, each course is a living manifestation of the beauty and superiority of innovation. You will enjoy every bit of the highly interactive and hands-on sessions which are focused on empowering participants with practical tools and insights to champion transformative change in their organizations. Our typical learning sessions are characterized by a superior mix of highly interactive training approaches and a creative usage of multi-media, simulation activities, outdoor field practicum, guided reflection and case studies – making learning deep yet fun all through.
Post-Training Support

To support organizations translate training into performance improvement at the workplace and in personal lives, we have put in place a follow-up mechanism that can be accessed on the client’s request. This can be in the form of post-training mentoring and coaching, institutional Capacity for Change Assessm
ent, Change Management Support Facility or Training Impact Assessment.
In addition, VUU’s vast Open Access Digital Library is available to participants after the course at no extra cost. We strongly encourage those who take short courses with VUU Academies to make optimal use of our digital library as a tool for career advancement and performance improvement through life-long and life-wide learning.

Our Moodle Training Programmes

Our Moodle training programmes have been designed specifically to target local institutions who are embarking on elearning delivery. We offer a series of programmes targeting the various players in the elearning delivery teams, plus a comprehensive package that transforms print materials into a full online course with trained tutors and Moodle administrators.